Thaliacapos Com The Best Guitar Capos For Your Guitars The Best Guitar Capos for your Guitars.

Thalia Capos are the best guitar capos available and are designed to compliment your favorite guitars. Designed for use with the fretting hand, these capos are the best 6-string capos, the best 12-string capos and the best partial capos you can buy. Interchangable fretpads make it possible to customize your fit..

Fretboard Radius Guide By Guitar Make & Model -

If you do not find your specific brand and model below you can Google your guitar make/model plus the words "fretboard radius"; if that doesn't work you can use the manual method which is described here Please Note: 12-String & 8-String Guitars should use our High Tension OctaveTouch fretpads to get the best performance. Standard Tension and ....